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LocationSmart collaborated with Genesys on a marketing campaign during the month of September 2017 to promote its status as a member of the Genesys AppFoundry and to showcase the utility of location-based services (LBS) for the contact center industry. This collaboration featured an on-demand webinar, a co-written blog post, promotional activities via Genesys-owned social media channels, multiple email campaigns and advertising placements on the Genesys AppFoundry website. 

The on-demand webinar titled “How Location Elevates Customer Satisfaction and Automates Contact Center Engagements” features a presentation by LocationSmart Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Brenda Schafer. In this webinar, Brenda discusses the various ways LBS assist contact centers with optimizing efficiencies, achieving immediate ROI and increasing customer satisfaction. Its availability on demand enables viewers to register and access the recording at any time using any device with an internet connection. 

LocationSmart also co-wrote a blog post with Genesys titled “3 Reasons Location Tech Should Be a Top Priority.” It is hosted on the Genesys blog and illustrates three key benefits contact centers experience when they embrace LBS. 

The other promotional activities in the September marketing blitz included social media posts via Genesys-owned accounts and several dedicated email distributions to Genesys customers and partners. Additionally, LocationSmart received prominent banner and slider advertising on the Genesys AppFoundry website as seen in the screenshot below.

Please visit the LocationSmart Efficiencies page to learn more about its services for contact centers.