World's Largest Location-as-a-Service Company

We enable businesses with location, identity and global mobile engagement services across connected devices for consumers, workers and assets.

Location Intelligence


Over 400 million devices across the U.S. and Canada with no app or software download required. Direct connections to the wireless carrier networks.

Cell ID

Global reach to more than 160 million cell tower IDs. Monitor all devices even when roaming.


Geo-locate over 3 Billion IP addresses around the world. IP Intelligence helps automate and protect your business interests and effectively manage your online experiences.


Locate more than 1.8 billion WiFi access points globally. Know which access points your devices see or are connected to.


Detect over 3.7 million iBeacons when your devices are in proximity.


Get name, address and business insights and location for more than 100 million fixed line landlines nationwide.


Obtain ubiquitous browser location for over 3.2 billion browsers worldwide. We support all modern browsers on all connected devices.


Global Site ID services are available for over 200 countries and enable any GSM, Wi-Fi, LTE, CDMA or WCDMA device capable of reporting visible cell site or access point details to be located around the world, even while roaming.

Hybrid Location SDK

Hybrid location services enable indoor Wi-Fi location and proximity-based services. Universal cross-platform location detection is available indoors and out via our cloud-based APIs. An SDK allows easy integration into mobile applications.

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