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Device Profile

Device Profile

Streamline account originations, logins and payments and significantly reduce step-up authentications with our global network of device verification. LocationSmart Device Profile is a cloud-based device identification, and real-time identity verification solution, which can properly protect against cyber crime and perform quick validations of your returning customers and prospects. This process brings real-time risk scoring and unique device, identity and behavior analytics. Detection capabilities can uncover the smokescreens of hackers and criminals attempting to hide their device identity or location. Locations are profiled against a global network of more than 4,000 enterprise customers in ecommerce, finance, media and gaming who process over 1 billion transactions a month.

Our advanced device identification technology uses multiple methods including device identification without the use of browser cookies — to expose a user's true intent hidden within the attributes of their own device. LocationSmart Device Profiling investigates beyond browser attributes or spoofable IP addresses to detect more complex and suspicious activity including hidden proxies, VPNs, proper OS identification and true point-of-origin.

"LocationSmart is the leading location-as-a-service provider and its platform combined with ThreatMetrix intelligence create a worthy force against cybersecurity threats in today's post-breach world." 
Armen Najarian, Chief Marketing Officer, ThreatMetrix, Inc.

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