Address Geolocation Mandates with Secure Location Insights

Mitigate Risk, Reduce Fraud and Streamline Geolocation Compliance

LocationSmart is the leader in gaming geolocation compliance, being the first provider to launch mobile and iGaming in Nevada, Delaware and as a geo-location service provider in New Jersey. We offer a robust platform with critical location data, consent management, compliance services and device profiling delivered through a single easy to integrate API. We are trusted by the top gaming and lottery operators to validate transactions and enhance player experience.

  • Determine if users are in or out of a valid gaming area for immediate transaction approval
  • Extend on-site wagering to mobile to take advantage of total allowable wagering area
  • Comply with state laws for in-state or on-site transaction verification
  • Use trusted and secure multi-source location to “green light” transactions
  • Notify users when on-site to interact with your application
  • Tailor communications to users depending on whether they are in or out of a confirmed betting area

A patron's mobile device location serves as an excellent proxy for their real-world physical location. State mandates require that gaming companies authenticate that users are located within approved wagering boundaries prior to accepting bets via a mobile device. The LocationSmart Platform provides the means to verify that mobile gamers are in a valid wagering area and gives the thumbs up insight to allow their transaction. Using the multi-source location determination of the user's device ensures trusted results. Enabling browser and app engagement broadens the reach to all mobile and desktop gamers in legally-approved areas for increased revenue opportunity and ease of engagement with enhanced security.

We keep our customers compliant with regulations and jurisdictions. Read our Gaming Best Practices White Paper here.

Learn how LocationSmart helps with Internet Gaming Compliance and grab our Mobile Gaming Product Brief.

Gaming Best Practices White Paper

Mobile Gaming Product Brief

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