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Success by Location - GGB Magazine

“Geolocation outfits are the gateway to the Golden Goose of many gaming enterprises. Their penchant to monitor, detect and thwart fraud are irreplaceable, especially considering online gaming’s looming multibillion-dollar stature.”

How LocationSmart Is Filling a Niche in 2020 and Beyond

The current pandemic has impacted businesses all over the globe, many of which were unprepared to handle the radical shifts in consumer needs. Location-as-a-Service has been able to assist business owners, whether they’re just looking for a revenue boost to tide them over or potentially transitioning into permanent virtual services. We’ll look at how the benefits of LocationSmart, a key player in the Location-as-a-Service ecosystem, are filling a niche and the technology behind it all.

LocationSmart: Helping Gaming Operators Transition to Virtual Gaming via Location-as-a-Service

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the entire world. No industry has been left untouched. Restaurants and entertainment venues have struggled while essential retail services find it a challenge to keep inventory and keep shoppers safe. Some industries have turned entirely to remote work and off-site functions in order to stay afloat while keeping person to person contact at a minimum. Nowhere have these things had a bigger impact than on gaming, resort and sporting venues worldwide. For some of these services, particularly those in the gaming sector, there are options available for moving to virtual operations.

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Daily Fantasy Sports By State

The popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is growing significantly across the United States as currently, 43 of 50 states have legalized Daily Fantasy Sports

Online Casino Gaming

The United States has a long and complicated history with online casino gaming. The growth of online casinos is due to the power of the internet & America’s changing attitudes towards gambling

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The Most Trusted Location-as-a-Service

LocationSmart helps businesses locate connected devices, anywhere in the world.