IoT / M2M

Seamless monitoring of connected devices anywhere in the world via Global Site ID (GSID)

Device Tracking Remote Monitoring Device Management

IoT Device Tracking

  • Locate wirelessly connected devices from anywhere in the world
  • Optimize operations and support costs with instant location insights
  • 120 million cell sites and 1.8 Billion Wi-Fi access points globally
  • No app or software to download - No GPS needed
  • Track Industrial IoT and M2M devices in 200+ countries

LocationSmart’s Global SIte ID (GSID) service allows business to locate their IoT and M2M devices across more than 200 countries. Our network of cell ID and Wi-Fi ID source data enables our platform to geolocate over 120 million cell sites and nearly 2 billion Wi-Fi access points around the world.

M2M and Industrial IoT companies take advantage of our superior reach and connectivity to track their devices to monitor valuable cargo, streamline field operations and gain situational awareness into their deployed assets across the globe.

GPS can by power hungry and suffer from a signal loss in mobile devices and not every device is GPS-enabled. Our GSID solution works with GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA, WCDMA (UMTS) or LTE devices, without an app or software to download. Devices include cell or Wi-Fi ID parameters in their normal communications to enable location with no additional battery drain and minimal data use. Our API platform avoids the need to deploy and maintain complex code and assures worry-free access to continually updated location data sources.

Read how we enabled enhanced device tracking for OnAsset, one of the world's top logistics technology companies. Get the OnAsset case study here.

Read more about the connectivity and reliability of our GSID tracking solutions on our IoT location services blog post.

IoT Location Solutions Blog Post OnAsset Case Study

Remote Monitoring

  • Location and status monitoring at will on any Mobile Device
  • No cost to end user, training, on going maintenance or app updates
  • Use existing mobile devices - No new hardware to purchase
  • Get a "Top Down" view of all your Operation
  • Get Operational Efficiency with real-time status updates
  • Respond to Operation Status changes quickly

In 2020, our connected world allows for instant communication, and as a result, has changed the services we rely on daily. 

Mobile location plays a leading role in fields including but not limited to: asset tracking, emergency response, disaster management, environmental sampling, municipal and utility maintenance operations, and location marketing.

Location Based Services are moving beyond entertainment and media platforms and are finding home in industries that keep our modern life safe, secure, and connected.

Our GSID status Monitoring Solutions can enable remote status updates on equipment, personnel, facilities or assets, regardless of their location. 

Learn more about how we are changing IoT Remote Monitoring through our Location Services.

IoT is changing more industries each day - learn How Mobile Location And The Internet of Things (IoT) Are Changing The Way We Work.

IoT is changing the way we work Our Location Services

Device Management

  • Track valuable devices in Real-Time, in more than 200 Countries
  • Movement detection for improved battery management and user experience
  • Works within top mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows
  • No App, training or installation needed
  • Find devices when GPS signals blocked or unavailable
  • Leverage data for more than 120 million cell sites and 1.5 billion access points

Modern industry requires the use of extremely complex and valuable devices to help with production, shipping and customer fulfillment.

Our Location-Based Solutions allow tracking of your most operationally significant devices, without training, expensive installation, or app installs.

Get real-time device location, regardless of GPS signal status in more than 200 countries.  

Secure and monitor the status of your devices as frequently as you need. Eliminate theft and increase productivity. 

IoT is changing more industries each day - learn How Mobile Location And The Internet of Things (IoT) Are Changing The Way We Work.

Learn more about how we are changing IoT Remote Monitoring through our Location Services.

Learn how Location Smart leverages GSID network connectivity for at will, real-time device location. Read the GSID Product Brief.

How We Improve Asset Tracking Get the GSID Product Brief IoT is changing the way we work

Harness the power of IoT tracking for full operational visibility