Geofencing: Harness the Power of Geofencing

Precisely target users when they enter, exit or are in proximity to areas of interest

Geofencing with Smart Zones


LocationSmart’s Smart Zone geofencing services provide proximity insights necessary for the daily activities of today’s enterprises.

From engaging with devices to tracking product shipments halfway around the world and more, LocationSmart can help deliver results.

With LocationSmart’s Smart Zone geofencing services, enterprises are enabled to configure and monitor virtual perimeters with geo­spatial zones using polygon and radius­-based geofences. 

Once a mobile device is detected as in or out of the geofence, this allows enterprises to act on this knowledge to verify a purchase, deny a transaction, notify a device, audit schedules and much more.

Geolocation Enterprise Applications

LocationSmart’s Smart Zone geofencing services have numerous practical applications for a variety of critical business needs. Standard applications include:

Fleet Management

Tracking vehicles as they move toward destinations, verifying truck arrivals and even determining if they are off their normal routes. Top transportation and logistics application providers rely on this valuable location data to more efficiently manage their drivers and assets. 

Financial Services 

Validating when card members are outside of their home area to mitigate fraud and verify that those transactions are legitimate.

Compliance Management

Tracking logs identify geofence interactions to ensure device usage is compliant and follows established criteria.

Asset Management 

Improving supply chain efficiencies while tracking and reporting status updates on shipments from origin to ultimate destination.

What is geofencing? 

Geofencing is the act of setting up a geofence or virtual boundary around a specific location. Geofences can be placed around any building, street, neighborhood, asset, person or place. When a consumer, employee, or company asset is detected to be in or out of a geofence, an appropriate action may be taken. For example, the event could cause a transaction to be denied because the user was not authorized to transact from their location. 

With the power of LocationSmart's geofencing technology at your fingertips, your company can open the doors to targeted engagement opportunities. 

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