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Call Routing

  • Route calls to the appropriate regional or local answering point
  • Advance priority calls from specific geographic locations to the the top of the queue for emergency or high volume situations
  • Reduce agent call times and optimize caller experience

Provide exceptional customer experiences and streamline your call flows with real time, geographic call routing. Put your callers in touch with local representatives, who can best assist their needs right away. Reduce the frustration of call transfers and multiple wait times. LocationSmart will deliver the automated location details to optimize your caller experiences.

Trust the leader in automated location insights for your call routing needs.

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Find the Nearest/Store Locator

  • Streamline store locator services with real-time location determination
  • Enhance "text to find" applications and direct consumers to nearby locations
  • Optimize customer and brand experiences

Never make customers enter their ZIP code again - there's no need when LocationSmart powers "find the nearest" services of major brands. Whether mobile or landline, we will automate the location determination and expedite the entire experience. This process will be baked into the front end of the call flow and the caller's location will drive the results. Also, send the locations directly to their phone using LocationSmart's SMS or In-app Messaging services.

Make it simple for loyal customers to find your physical storefronts.

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Service Assistance

  • Field inbound service inquires with location context
  • Improve customer experience for calls, texts and chats

Know your caller's location in order to best assist them. Whether they are contacting customer service for home-related services that require sending someone out on location or they are mobile and in need of assistance, obtain their physical location to expedite the process.

​This optimizes the customer experience and enables customer success representatives to service more inquiries.

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Asset Tracking

  • Protect valuable assets with global cellular and Wi-Fi location
  • Find devices almost anywhere in the world
  • Determine location even when roaming domestically or internationally
  • Locate GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi only devices
  • Works for any connected device that can report serving network attributes

Many tracking devices cannot be located via GPS or Wi-Fi technologies. But all mobile devices can be located via network location without hardware modifications, application downloads, user interaction, service calls, or software. What does this mean for the M2M market? Tens of millions saved each year in operating and service costs. Roaming devices or those without access to GPS in warehouses may be located via Global Site ID (GSID) services.

LocationSmart provides continuous monitoring of connected devices (IoTs) anywhere in the world. Obtain real-time location for almost any M2M asset, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device or key employee phone with an enabled application. Always know where your devices are anytime they are connected and eliminate gaps in location reporting.

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Logistics and Dispatch

  • Optimize time on the road and improve driver productivity
  • Enable operational efficiencies and optimized call flows
  • Monitor driver and load status in real-time
  • Eliminate bothersome check-calls that can take place day or night
  • Increase job and delivery throughput
  • Improve driver retention via enhanced services for finding loads
  • Effectively communicate and provide assignments

Gain visibility and insight into driver activities, dispatch assignments, capture location and status and increase job throughput with minimal integration and deployment overhead. Why limit your knowledge of load status to only those vehicles with expensive installed units? Achieve full visibility and coverage of all load monitoring with LocationSmart. 

LocationSmart is the platform of choice for verifying independent driver departures, checkpoints, and arrivals.

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Roadside Assistance

  • Automatically determine the location of stranded motorists
  • Identify nearby service providers and streamline dispatch
  • Reduce anxiety by sending ETA alerts with who's coming and when they will arrive
  • Trim call times and abandonment rates to more efficiently assist members
  • Eliminate dispatch errors when members don’t know where they are
  • Minimize call backs for service status updates
  • Maintain exceptional service levels and member loyalty with event-based ETAs

Serving all major Roadside Assistance companies, LocationSmart is the the trusted go-to provider for location insights. Automated location determination drastically improved the entire process from call to dispatch to assistance. This technology has revolutionized the roadside service industry. Before LocationSmart, an operator would need to ferret out the location details from the caller, who many times is stranded and distressed in an unknown area. Operators request the nearest point of interest, major road and mile marker.

With LocationSmart, roadside service companies quickly obtain permission to use the caller's mobile device to determine their location. Within seconds, location details are provided to the operator and confirmed. The caller is asked if they would like to receive an SMS with the ETA of the responding service technician. Disablement details are also sent via our platform to the service provider. The efficiency that this technology provides is undeniable and provides an almost immediate return on investment.

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Audits and Compliance

  • Knowing when and where employees are at any given time
  • Effectively communicate changes in job status in real-time
  • Leverage existing handsets with no additional cost impact
  • Provide management assurance that workers are where they are supposed to be

Improve your remote vision. Readily detect where resources are located anytime, anywhere. Communicate jobs and assignments. Streamline status reporting by location tagging each event. Audit and ensure workers are arriving and departing from job sites or appointments according to schedule. Automatically geo-tag arrivals and departures for proper dispute resolution.

Drive bottom line improvements through marked efficiencies using LocationSmart services.

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Drastically improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction