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Easy-to-use cloud-based location APIs for geolocation compliance and IoT asset management

Device Profile

LocationSmart Device Profile is a cloud-based device identification and real-time identity verification solution to protect against cybercriminals and validate web site visitors and app users. Get real-time risk scoring and device, identity and behavior analytics for gambling and lottery compliance and fraud prevention.


Geofencing is a critical for compliance checks and geo-relevant campaigns. LocationSmart provides an easy way to define geofences for Geolocation Compliance or User Engagement. Whether points and radii or complex polygons, we provide our Smart Zone API to easily create and manage your boundaries.


LocationSmart Reporting is utilized to increase productivity and insight, improve the customer experience and satisfaction for mobile and non-mobile processes. Keep tabs on usage, monitor performance, review accuracy and analyze subscriptions with near real-time metrics available in the LocationSmart Client Portal. This enables customers to see and analyze location data via dashboards, charts and more.

The Most Trusted Location-as-a-Service

LocationSmart helps businesses locate connected devices, anywhere in the world.