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Logistics and Dispatch Asset Tracking Mobile Resource Management

Logistics and Dispatch

  • Optimize time on the road and improve driver productivity
  • Enable operational efficiencies and greater visibility
  • Monitor driver and load status in real-time
  • Get location updates even when GPS is unavailable
  • Increase job and delivery throughput
  • Reduce driver distraction via enhanced services for finding loads
  • Improve dispatching and routing with real-time data

Gain visibility and insight into driver activities, dispatch assignments, capture location and status and increase job throughput with minimal integration and deployment overhead. Why limit your knowledge of load status to only those vehicles with GPS units installed? Achieve load tracking visibility using simple wireless devices.

LocationSmart is the platform of choice for verifying load status from departure to arrival.

Learn how LocationSmart upgraded FedEx's SenseAware platform and is now used to provide highly accurate location details. View our FedEx Case Study

Through GSID device tracking, OnAsset reduced fuel, labor, and insurance cost though LocationSmart's network location technology. Read the OnAsset Case Study. 

FedEx Case Study OnAsset Case Study

Asset Tracking

  • Protect valuable assets with global cellular and Wi-Fi location
  • Find devices almost anywhere in the world
  • Determine location even when roaming domestically or internationally
  • Locate GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi devices
  • Works with any 2G, 3G or 4G connected device that can report serving network attributes
  • Integrated consent management for opt-in and opt-out privacy controls

LocationSmart allows ubiquitous monitoring of connected devices such as IoT and M2M devices anywhere in the world via its Global Site ID (GSID) services. Obtain real-time location for any M2M asset, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device or IoT device capable of reporting a few simple network parameters.

Our GSID APIs let you always know where your connected assets are anytime they are connected to eliminate gaps in location reporting. GPS-enabled devices sometimes lose sight of satellite signals or enter environments that prevent GPS updates. GSID allows you to overcome these challenges as long as your device is connected via cellular or Wi-Fi and can report any visible cell site or Wi-Fi access point IDs.

LocationSmart offers the simplicity of tracking assets without GPS availability, with ZERO battery drain and the ability to track anywhere with Cellular of Wi-Fi Connection. Learn more in our Global Site ID Product Brief.

GSID Product Brief

Mobile Resource Management

  • Add real-time location to your check-in and check-out status updates
  • Effectively communicate changes in job status in real-time
  • Leverage existing mobile devices with no additional cost impact to end user
  • Confirm workers are in the right place while on the job
  • Give employees control to easily opt-in or opt-out
  • No mobile app download or intensive training required

Improve your remote vision. Readily detect where resources are located anytime, anywhere. Communicate jobs and assignments. Streamline status reporting by location tagging each event. Audit and ensure workers are arriving and departing from job sites or appointments according to schedule. Automatically geo-tag arrivals and departures for proper dispute resolution.

Eliminate annoying check calls. Get real-time opt-in employee location updates instantly.

No app to download, no special devices, simplified status update training. Location tracking using native text and browser software.

Drive bottom line improvements through marked efficiencies using LocationSmart services.

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