Address Geolocation Mandates with Secure Location Insights

Mitigate Risk, Reduce Fraud and Streamline Geolocation Compliance

As the mobile lottery market grows, so does the need for geolocation compliance. LocationSmart provides you with the compliance insights to let customers enjoy your services on their own devices. With layered location intelligence, they can purchase lottery tickets on their phones, tablets and laptops to increase your addressable market, add a level of convenience and maximize your revenue opportunities.

  • Validate any lottery purchase on a mobile or internet-connected device is within state lines, but outside of designated exclusion zones such as tribal lands
  • Comply with regulatory rules for online and mobile lottery purchases
  • Use layered location intelligence for flexible transaction verification business logic
  • Ensure compliance thresholds are met and exceeded with real-time verification reports

Using one service, get all of the location insights required for geolocation compliance - IP Intelligence, Browser or App-based Location, Device Profiling, Geofencing and App-based insights. With LocationSmart, verify transactions with the assurance that the patron is in the authorized area for the transaction to occur. Our privacy-protected, opt-in process, allows you to verify the location of a player when they login or place an order. Choose the #1 source of device location verification for risk mitigation, fraud prevention, and gaming compliance.

We keep our customers compliant with regulations and jurisdictions. Read our Gaming Best Practices White Paper here.

Learn how LocationSmart helps with Geographic Compliance and grab our Mobile Gaming Product Brief.

Gaming Best Practices White Paper

Mobile Gaming Product Brief

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