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Carlsbad, CA., April 4, 2012 – With the most recent update to the TechnoCom's LocationSmart™ Platform, TechnoCom has enhanced the service's privacy management capabilities and now offers consent via SMS reply. 

Based on requirements of the wireless carriers, as well as industry best practices, companies must obtain user consent before determining their mobile location. TechnoCom's LocationSmart Platform embraces these guidelines and currently provides the capability to obtain consent by sending a unique PIN to the user's device. In an effort to simplify and expand this process, TechnoCom has introduced the ability to obtain consent via affirmative SMS reply. Now users have the option to simply reply YES straight from their mobile device. While the original authorization method of using a unique PIN can still be utilized, the addition of SMS features to the LocationSmart Platform now makes for an easier process. Users receive a specific consent SMS on their mobile device and simply respond with an affirmative reply to opt-in for a particular service. Consent messages can be customized to come from a specific brand or company name and can utilize various affirmative replies. With the introduction of consent via SMS reply, TechnoCom's LocationSmart Platform continues to ensure user privacy while streamlining location services for easier user adoption. 

About TechnoCom
TechnoCom Corporation is a leading provider of products and services to enable wireless location solutions for enterprises, wireless carriers, and service providers. TechnoCom helps its customers efficiently implement, optimize and manage location solutions for E911 and commercial location-based services. LocationSmart is a turn-key, enterprise location-based services platform that delivers operational efficiencies, cost savings and ubiquitous device access to location and messaging. The company's flagship Location eXchange Server™ and LocationAssurance Manager® platforms allow efficient implementation of wireless location solutions and continuous, automated oversight into location system performance.