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Further Integrating Location-based Services into Everyday Lives

Encino, CA, March 15, 2011 – TechnoCom Corporation™ (, a leading provider of enterprise location solutions, today announced a partnership with, a provider of sensor-enabled mobile & web solutions for consumers and enterprise customers. Together, TechnoCom and are providing location-enhanced web solutions for one of the nation's major mobile-device-management and mobile resource management service providers. has extended its SaaS platform to enable location-enhanced mobile-resource tracking & messaging across a variety of phones. Based on TechnoCom's unified network and device-agnostic TechnoCom Location Platform™, the service enables enterprise customers to determine the location of any of its mobile assets and control & communicate with them using text messaging. The service will enable companies to determine the location of their mobile assets and field personnel within seconds and use this real-time information to better manage their field-deployed resources. This location-lookup and messaging automation drastically improves response times for mission critical activities and reduces cost of managing, monitoring and recovering field-deployed assets such as phones, vehicles and construction equipment. 

"This is an elegant solution for the mobile device management market as it requires no additional hardware or device application" said Mario Proietti, Co-founder and CTO at TechnoCom. "Our integrated cross-carrier platform streamlines the deployment and operation of mission critical enterprise solutions." 

Additionally, is integrating TechnoCom's network-initiated location services with its enterprise asset tracking portal myGeoTracking™, that allows customers to track, monitor and integrate their mobile assets in their day to day business operations using a variety of telematics devices, GPS and non-GPS phones. With TechnoCom’s location intelligence, myGeoTracking will become available to a larger audience, including users of non-GPS handsets. 

" is excited to expand the myGeoTracking customer base and introduce value-added location services, such as just-in-time asset tracking, on-demand privacy control & two-way messaging, across any phone on most of the major networks in the US" said Shailendra Jain, Founder and CEO at 

Commercial rollout is slated for Q2, 2011. 

About is focused on providing GPS and other mobile-sensors enhanced web and mobile phones solutions to consumer & enterprise customers. The company offers both a SaaS based Platform and hosted asset tracking & monitoring solution called myGeoTracking. The platform interfaces with a wide variety of telematics devices & phones, and provides a Web2.0 compliant API for rapid integration of these mobile sensors into Enterprise applications such as Vehicle Tracking, mobile-device-management, and mobile-resource-management. 

About TechnoCom 
TechnoCom Corporation is a leading provider of products and services to enable wireless location solutions for enterprises, wireless carriers, and service providers. TechnoCom helps its customers efficiently implement, optimize and manage location solutions for E911 and commercial location-based services. TechnoCom Location Platform is a turn-key, enterprise location-based services platform that delivers operational efficiencies, cost savings and ubiquitous device access to location and messaging. The company's flagship Location eXchange Server™ and LocationAssurance Manager® platforms allow efficient implementation of wireless location solutions and continuous, automated oversight into location system performance. 

Founded in 1995 and privately held, TechnoCom has been selected by Deloitte as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Los Angeles for four consecutive years. TechnoCom's customers include AT&T, Bell Mobility, Cricket, Cross Country Automotive Services, Openwave, Sprint Nextel, TELUS, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. For more information about TechnoCom, please visit

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