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LocationSmart®, the worldwide leader in cloud location services for enterprise and consumer applications was awarded patent 9,832,633 by the US Patent Office that covers a system and method for location privacy and location information management over wireless systems. This patent bolsters LocationSmart’s intellectual property portfolio for security and privacy services that enable enterprises to successfully innovate and operate in today’s diverse technological environment.  

This patent outlines a location privacy system that provides mobile device users with a comprehensive understanding of location permissions, notifications and reporting from mobile applications on their devices that utilize location-based services (LBS). 

Mobile device users have the ability to approve or deny a mobile application’s requests to obtain the physical location of their device through the use of the preferences management system. With this system, users also have control over the frequency of location determination requests, notifications of changes to privacy settings and location permission reminders from mobile applications that use LBS. The patent states these communications can be transmitted via short message service (SMS) to a user’s device and SMS or PIN code can be used for device authentication. 


LocationSmart is the worldwide Cloud Location Services market leader for connected devices. We provide the easiest and most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for local, hyper-local and context-aware application development. Our core location services span indoor and outdoor use across devices, platforms and carrier networks. Serving Fortune 500 customers and innovative start-ups alike, LocationSmart is changing the ways companies do business. We deliver the broadest reach and largest global footprint, with an extensive portfolio of privacy consent methods for easy end user adoption. 


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The United States of America 

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