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Global Site ID solves challenge of locating devices while roaming 

February 28, 2014 – LocationSmart® announces the addition of Global Site ID (GSID) as a part of its family of location services. As a complement to LocationSmart's secure network location and device-based hybrid location capabilities, GSID is available in over 200 countries and provides the ability to locate devices domestically or internationally, even while roaming.

These new enhancements to the platform make it easy for businesses to find devices almost anywhere in the world by providing latitude/longitude coordinates as well as any other specified parameters, such as street address. The new location type can be used to find devices both indoors and outdoors even when GPS is not available.

Additionally, GSID capabilities allow companies to locate GSM, CDMA, WCDMA and Wi-Fi devices, get fast response times and high yield. This service leverages over 40 million cell sites and 325 million access points worldwide. With its international reach, the addition of GSID is especially relevant for global companies with M2M or telematics devices in multiple countries.