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LocationSmart Case Study Included in Proximity.Directory Report on Asset Tracking

LocationSmart's case study with customer KORE is featured in the latest quarterly report by Proximity.Directory titled, "Asset Tracking: Beyond Retail." It examines the growing importance of location tracking technology for assets and persons in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, mining and a variety of other industries. This report also includes 10 real-life cases studies that demonstrate the impact of location technologies and LocationSmart's case study with KORE is among them.

KORE is the largest Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider of global M2M network connectivity. It utilizes LocationSmart's mobile network location services to instantly locate assets and this resulted in operational savings along with an improved ability to locate more than 500,000 specialized tracking devices. 

Click the links below to download the full report by Proximity.Directory and to access the complete case study with LocationSmart and KORE.