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LocationSmart API Helps Pitney Bowes' Borderfree Retail Optimize Online Retail Conversions

Pitney Bowes' Borderfree Retail solution streamlines the purchase process for Internet retailers conducting business abroad. It assists with website localization, duty and tax compliance, customer care, payment processing, logistics and fulfillment coordination and more. Pitney Bowes produced a case study highlighting the successes of Borderfree Retail after it began auto-populating address details in order forms.  

In this case study, Pitney Bowes utilizes a combination of its GeoSearch API and LocationSmart’s API for IP location intelligence. The GeoSearch API suggests address matches based on keystrokes and its massive database of geographic information from 40 countries. LocationSmart’s API provides access to more than three billion IP addresses worldwide. Together, these APIs narrow search results in the forms and improve response times. 

As a result, Pitney Bowes Borderfree Retail is able to minimize shipping and billing issues, standardize address formatting, improve conversion rates and elevate customer satisfaction. 

Click the link below to read the full case study.