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LocationSmart enables application developers with Wi-Fi, Mobile and Landline location through single source and contract

SAN DIEGO, CA, January 7, 2013 – LocationSmart®, the cloud-based location and messaging services market leader announces access to indoor and hybrid location services for connected devices in conjunction with its technology partner, ZOS Communications. By offering a universal location source for both network-based and device-based location, LocationSmart provides developers a one stop shop for successful application development. No matter the use case, location-based application development has never been easier. 

LocationSmart provides device, carrier and network independent services. Developers access services through a single web services interface which provides a tremendous cost and time to market advantage. Enhancing its suite of APIs with global Wi-Fi location opens up a whole host of hyper-local use cases where onsite targeting and communications are required. This includes effective proximity marketing, transaction verification and mobile resource status checks. It is like a modern day door bell – business owners can know when customers arrive at their store and interact with them in a very personal way. This provides a trigger to communicate deals or feature specific products to assist in increasing sales. 

In combination with hybrid and Wi-Fi location, developers can define geofences around areas of interest with precise polygons. This is ideal for use cases where you need to know if someone is at a specific location. The APIs and device-based location SDK can be used standalone or in combination with existing apps. 

LocationSmart, who already has relationships with all major US mobile operators, device intelligence providers and third party content providers, expands its footprint with Wi-Fi and hybrid device location to better equip application developers. The LocationSmart Platform also includes the ability to perform background location monitoring, battery management, scheduling, geofencing, triggering and alerting. 

Anytime location is involved, consumer privacy takes center stage. LocationSmart has a comprehensive portfolio of privacy management controls in use and approved for specific business needs. The platform also integrates two-way messaging to easily communicate with users. 

“ZOS delivers a best-in-breed hybrid location platform for deployment in the most demanding technical environments, while maximizing micro location accuracy and contextual triggering,” said ZOS Communications CEO Jon Ziskind. “Working with the experienced team at LocationSmart is a natural fit to bring enhanced solutions to carriers and large enterprise.” 

“It’s exciting to be on the forefront of enabling a whole host of indoor location applications,” said LocationSmart CEO Mario Proietti. “We are proud to team with ZOS to bring new context-aware services to market.” 

LocationSmart has worked closely with ZOS to seamlessly integrate their device-based hybrid location services, contextual triggering and alerts into its industry leading cloud-based location platform. The powerful combination of network-based and device-based location services delivered through the cloud provides developers the flexibility they need to quickly and effectively develop web apps, mobile apps and call-based solutions across all leading device platforms and wireless networks. 

About ZOS Communications 
ZOS Communications, a Location Management Company, is the developer of a cloud based geospatial platform with "Over-the-Top" capabilities. The ZOS Platform-as-a-Service allows mobile devices to receive live, relevant, location-based marketing and communications across all carriers and operating systems. ZOS Communications works with enterprise mobility, marketing agencies, carriers, mobile device manufactures and mobile developers to enable LBS technology initiatives across many vertical markets and organizations. 

About LocationSmart 
LocationSmart® is the Cloud Location Services market leader with the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for location and messaging. Servicing Fortune 500 customers, the needs of call centers, roadside, transportation, financial transaction verification, proximity marketing and other core enterprise needs, LocationSmart is changing the ways companies do business. We offer the broadest reach and the largest US footprint of location services to over 360 million devices, both mobile and landline and have pioneered an extensive portfolio of privacy consent methods for easy user adoption. 

Serving customers since October 2010, LocationSmart is a division of TechnoCom Corporation. Founded in 1995 and privately held, TechnoCom has been selected by Deloitte as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Los Angeles for four consecutive years.