Verify Transactions with Secure Location Intelligence

Mitigate Risk, Reduce Fraud and Confirm Identities for Online and Mobile Transactions

Gambling Compliance Mobile Lottery Device Verification Digital Rights Management Fraud Prevention

Gambling Compliance

  • Determine if users are in or out of a valid gaming area for immediate transaction approval
  • Extend on-site wagering to mobile to take advantage of total allowable wagering area
  • Comply with state laws for in-state or on-site transaction verification
  • Use trusted and secure location determination for “green light” transaction approval
  • Notify users when on site to interact with your application
  • Tailor communications to users depending on whether they enter or exit a confirmed betting area

LocationSmart is the leader in geolocation, being the first provider to launch mobile and iGaming in Nevada, Delaware and as a geo-location service provider in New Jersey. We offer a very robust platform with critical location data, consent management, compliance services and device profiling delivered through a single easy to integrate API. We are trusted by the top gaming and lottery operators to validate transactions and enhance player experience.

A patron's mobile device location serves as an excellent proxy for their real-world physical location. State mandates require that gaming companies authenticate that users are located within approved wagering boundaries prior to accepting bets via a mobile device. The LocationSmart Platform provides the means to verify that mobile gamers are in a valid wagering area and gives the thumbs up insight to allow their transaction. Using the secure network-initiated location of the user's device ensures trusted results. Broadening the reach to all mobile gamers in legally-approved areas increases the revenue opportunity and ease of engagement with mobile wagering applications.

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Mobile Lottery

  • Validate any lottery purchase on a mobile or internet-connected device is within state lines, but outside of designated exclusion zones such as tribal lands
  • Comply with regulatory rules for online and mobile lottery purchases
  • Use layered location intelligence for flexible transaction verification business logic
  • Ensure compliance thresholds are met and exceeded with real-time verification reports

As the mobile lottery market grows, so does the need for location. LocationSmart provides you with the compliance insights to let customers enjoy your services on their own devices. With layered location intelligence, they can purchase lottery tickets on their phones, tablets and laptops to increase your addressable market, add a level of convenience and maximize your revenue opportunities.

Using one service, get all of the location insights required for compliance - IP Intelligence, Browser Location, Device Profiling, Geofencing and App-based insights. With LocationSmart, verify transactions with the assurance that the patron is in the authorized area for the transaction to occur. Our privacy-protected, opt-in process, allows you to verify the location of a player when they login or place an order. Choose the #1 source of device location verification for risk mitigation, fraud prevention, and gaming compliance.

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Device Verification

  • Confirm device anomalies and behaviors
  • Verify transactions against the largest global trust intelligence network
  • Enable transparency into user activities across digital interactions and devices
  • Comply with complex global business regulations

LocationSmart Device Profile is a cloud-based device identification, and real-time identity verification solution, which can properly protect against cybercriminals and perform quick validations of your returning customers and prospects. This process brings real-time risk scoring and unique device, identity and behavior analytics. Detection capabilities can uncover the smokescreens of hackers and criminals attempting to hide their device identity or location. Locations are profiled against a global network of over 4,000 enterprise customers in ecommerce, finance, media and gaming who process over 1 billion transactions a month.

Our advanced device identification technology uses multiple methods including device identification without the use of browser cookies — to expose a user's true intent hidden within the attributes of their own device. LocationSmart Device Profiling investigates beyond browser attributes or spoofable IP addresses to detect more complex and suspicious activity including hidden proxies, VPNs, proper OS identification and true point-of-origin.

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Our IP Intelligence offers personalized engagement and an extra layer of security. Read about IP Intelligence here.


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Digital Rights Management

  • Manage streaming and digital content distribution to comply with licenses and regulations
  • Assure that digital programming is viewed only in authorized areas
  • Protect digital content and manage access to live streaming and downloadable content
  • Mitigate risk with authoritative IP intelligence and geo-location data

Your digital assets are valuable and require protection from content theft. Ensure that only legitimate buyers can download licensed content. Businesses must abide by licensing, copyright and distribution agreements for their content. Managing what content is appropriate for different countries in a global marketplace is critical for effective brand management.

IP Intelligence and geo-location are the answer to effectively delivering digital content in today's explosive marketplace. IP addresses are ubiquitous and the data associated with them provide actionable insights for content distribution. Know how visitors are accessing your web content and serve the right data to match your audience.

LocationSmart IP Location delivers insights for over 3 billion connected devices anywhere in the world via a simple web services API. Geographic, contextual and connection information is provided for any IP address. This service works with all types of user connections and does not involve cookies or require additional privacy disclosures. Reduce risk for online content distribution with LocationSmart's IP geo-location.

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Fraud Prevention

  • Approve more transactions with confidence
  • Match location insights with existing CRM and marketing data to uncover valuable consumer patterns
  • Enhance transaction risk models and logic with real-time and historical location details
  • Diminish false positive fraud review by enhancing transaction approvals with additional layers of security
  • Reassure consumers that you are taking proactive measures to best safeguard their identity and transaction data

With over 23B card transactions approved in the US annually, only LocationSmart provides the ubiquitous reach required for mobile location to work for streamlined card approvals. There is no app to download and it works across all device types for over 95% of wireless subscribers nationwide. LocationSmart's cloud-based location platform, complete with privacy controls and extensive location intelligence methods make the services easy to deliver and consume by top financial institutions and cards. 

The mobile device is the single best and most widely available proxy for a cardholder's physical presence at the time of a financial transaction. Consumers expect a frictionless process when using their credit cards or completing financial transactions as well as the maximum protection possible for their credit and identity. They demand care when it comes to financial transactions, but they also require convenience. 

Read about how we protect your data from Fraud in our Card Not Present White Paper.

Discover how to protect consumers from fraud with real-time location verification - view our Fraud and Identity Protection Infographic.

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