Comprehensive Privacy Controls

At LocationSmart, we’re not only LBS privacy experts, we’re technologists. We have built a gateway that embraces not only today’s current privacy and security best practices, it anticipates the needs of tomorrow’s wireless world.

Trusted and Secure Privacy Controls

Trusted and Secure Privacy Controls

LocationSmart has built the most secure LBS location data exchange available today. Our flexible privacy protocols ensure that users decide how they wish to share personal information and location-based data for their devices.

Privacy and security are paramount in LBS services. Locking down privacy is not only core to our brand, it's also our unwavering business practice. As the world's largest location-enabling mobile transaction platform, we insist on the highest levels of privacy that exceed even the most rigorous industry guidelines.

LocationSmart has been recognized in the LBS industry for our excellence in privacy innovation. Our unique flexibility for safeguarding personal location information is unparalleled, and award-winning. We offer the most consistent, user-friendly privacy controls and security features for wireless operators and application developers. Permission-based programs offer complete control for the developers and their mobile customers.

LocationSmart is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of responsible and meaningful privacy controls. We work closely with industry, developer and advocacy groups to develop policies, regulations, procedures and best practices for privacy and location management. LocationSmart sits on the CTIA's Privacy Committee and actively helps craft the CTIA LBS Best Practices.

LocationSmart's privacy controls deliver:

  • Comprehensive and secure opt-in, opt out controls
  • Support for on demand, subscription and account holder use
  • Industry best practices - CTIA compliant
  • Streamlined opt-in for location and messaging
  • Flexible consent options – SMS, IVR and Web
  • Consent for corporate liable devices
  • Periodic reminders for ongoing programs
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