Mobile Gaming Location Verification Collateral

Verify Mobile Gaming Transactions with LocationSmart

LocationSmart® provides mobile gaming applications the ability to expand their reach while complying with state gaming mandates to verify that users are in permissible gaming areas. Easily detect when users engage with mobile gaming apps at your venue or within a valid gaming location. LocationSmart provides the trusted mobile device location verification and presence detection that enables in-area or on-site betting.

State mandates require that gaming companies authenticate that users are located within approved wagering boundaries prior to accepting bets via a mobile device. The LocationSmart Platform provides the means to verify that mobile gamers are in a valid wagering area and gives the thumbs up insight to allow their transaction. Using the secure network-initiated location of the user’s device ensures trusted results. Broadening the reach to all mobile gamers in legally-approved areas increases the revenue opportunity and ease of engagement with mobile wagering applications. For situations that require assurance that the gamer is on site, LocationSmart offers a mobile app SDK that works with the platform to define zones, events and alerts for a maximum level of user participation.

IP Insights for Mobile Gaming

  • Know when a user is in a permissible gaming area with or without an application on the device.
  • If integrated with your mobile app, get more granular location insight with Wi-Fi location and indoor presence detection.
  • Boost gaming application reach using mobile gaming location validation to detect when users are in a valid gaming location and notifying them to interact with your application.
  • Readily comply with state mandates that regulate mobile gaming transactions.

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Whether verifying valid gaming transactions or identifying users are on-site through presence detection, LocationSmart streamlines mobile gaming applications and helps increase user interaction.

  • Determine if users are in or out of a valid gaming area for immediate transaction approval
  • Extend on-site wagering to mobile to take advantage of total allowable wagering area (e.g. State boundary)
  • Expand usage and make it easier for consumers to engage with gaming and mobile lottery applications
  • Use trusted and secure location determination for “green light” transaction approval
  • Comply with state laws for in-state or on-site transaction verification
  • Notify users when on site to interact with your application
  • Tailor communications to users depending on whether they enter or exit a confirmed betting area

Features of LocationSmart's Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Put LocationSmart to work for your business and recognize the benefits of integrating location intelligence into your mobile gaming application.

  • Secure cross-carrier access to mobile and landline device location
  • Smart Zone checks to determine if devices are IN or OUT of a specified area
  • Presence detection for indoor location
  • Establish events, triggers and alerts
  • Two-way messaging for geo-targeted communications
  • Comprehensive multi-modal privacy controls via SMS or IVR
  • Mapping, geo-coding and reverse geo-coding
  • Points of interest and value-added business data
  • Onboarding and carrier certification
  • High-availability system and 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart helps gaming companies take engagement to the next level. Expanding your reach to all gamers, whether on site or within approved boundaries, lets users launch and use your mobile app at their leisure. This increases brand affinity and makes it super convenient for gamers to re-engage anytime they are in an authorized betting area.

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