Mobile Gaming Geolocation Compliance

Verify Real-Money Transactions with LocationSmart

Give the green light with confidence on mobile gaming transactions

LocationSmart® provides gaming platform operators the ability to expand their reach with browser and mobile app gelocation compliance. Operators can detect when a user engages with their mobile gaming apps and websites from authorized areas with no download required. With our mobile SDK, device location verification and presence detection enable in-area or on-site betting with confidence. 

The LocationSmart API platform provides the means to verify that mobile and online gamers are in allowed areas to give the thumbs up for their real-money wagers and purchases. Broadening the reach to all mobile gamers in legally-approved areas increases revenue opportunity and ease of engagement with mobile wagering applications. Whether through the browsr or mobile app, seamlessly verify compliance for maximum user participation and low friction.

Low-Friction Compliance for Mobile Gaming

  • Know when a user is in a permissible gaming area with or without an app
  • No download required for mobile or desktop
  • Locate users accessing your gaming platform through a browser or mobile app
  • Leverage IP and cellular location insights for wide area compliance
  • Get more granular pinpoint location with Wi-Fi or GPS when needed
  • Boost gaming application reach by detecting when users are in a valid gaming area
  • Comply with national, state or local regulations that restrict mobile or online gaming transactions

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Whether mobile or online, through a browser or in an app, LocationSmart streamlines geolocation compliance and helps increase user interaction.

  • Determine if users are in or out of a valid gaming area for immediate transaction approval
  • Extend physical on-site wagering to mobile and online platforms to take advantage of total allowable wagering area
  • Expand usage and make it easier for consumers to engage with their favorite gaming and mobile lottery applications
  • Use trusted and secure location determination to “green light” transaction approval
  • Comply with local regulations for in-state or on-site transaction verification
  • Tailor communications to users depending on whether they are in a confirmed betting area or outside authorized boundaries

Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform Features

Put LocationSmart to work for your business and recognize the benefits of integrating location intelligence into your mobile gaming application.

  • Secure access to multi-source mobile and online location insights
  • Threat assessments and biometric heuristics for trusted geolocation with confidence
  • Smart Zone checks to determine if devices are in or out of a specified areas
  • Complex polygons or simple point-and-radius areas, with exclusion zones and fully-customizable boundaries
  • Leverage Wi-Fi and GPS to pinpoint the most granular indoor or outdoor location available
  • Mapping, geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Points of interest and value-added business data
  • Onboarding and application tuning support
  • High-availability platform and 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart helps gaming and lottery platform operators take engagement to the next level. Expanding your reach to all gamers, whether mobile or online, via a browser or an app, verify compliance within approved boundaries. Reduce friction and increase brand affinity by making it super convenient for gamers to engage anytime they are in an authorized betting area.

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