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Location-enabled Messaging

Location-enabled Messaging

  • Allow opted-in subscribers to easily find your business or its nearest location
  • Minimize friction for customers to locate your business
  • Enhance discoverability for new brick-and-mortar locations
  • Route inbound calls and chat messages to their intended destination

Through the LocationSmart platform, businesses can help consumers and end users locate nearby services, contact the nearest brick-and-mortar store or deliver more relevant content via the web, a call or text message. To accomplish this, businesses simply create a landing page for users to interact with via their web browsers. Once the visitor provides their consent, their location may be accessed to provide localized contact information, enable chat with a local agent, provide a call back from the nearest outlet or send text messages with locally-tailored content. Get in touch with us to learn how LocationSmart can empower your user communications with location insights.

Download our Proximity Messaging Product Brief to learn how LocationSmart can help you acheive more relevant user engagement in your business.

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