Wireless Carrier Services

Enable our customers to efficiently implement, optimize, manage, and deliver wireless and location-based services

Professional Services

Professional Services

LocationSmart's professional services team is comprised of highly experienced engineers and technical experts. They are complemented by business-oriented program managers to ensure on-time and in-budget delivery of projects and solutions.

Wireless Location Services

LocationSmart offers professional location services that address a vast range of requirements including network testing and compliance, optimization and ongoing management of location technology.

  • In-Building and Mobile Accuracy Testing
  • E911 and E112 Compliance
  • System Assessment, Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Location System Modeling and Performance Prediction
  • Network Planning, Design, and Optimization
  • Regulatory Support
  • Project/Program Management
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LocationSmart Analytics

LocationSmart Analytics enables wireless carriers to streamline the correlation of field test results and review analytics on a market by market basis. Market managers can perform real-time trend analysis and effectively monitor performance of their respective areas. With real-time analytics accessible on demand, timelines to perform internal analysis is under your control.

With just a few clicks, you may export the necessary summary data and drilldown analysis required for successful E911 compliance reporting. Built on our industry-leading LocationAssurance Manager® platform, LocationSmart Analytics reports are prepared and structured to align with regulatory reporting requirements and your specific operational needs.

Empower your performance testing and network compliance teams with the following capabilities:

  • Performance data monitoring
  • Trend Analysis
  • Summary and drilldown statistics by market area
  • Ability to identify issues and pinpoint root cause
  • Monitor field testing and time to completion
  • Export data for specific internal analysis
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements and timelines
  • Save time and money with LocationSmart Analytics services
LocationSmart Analytics

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