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LocationSmart: A Leader in Location Data Services

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LocationSmart, based in Carlsbad, California, is a worldwide leader in location services. The company provides a privacy-protected platform that delivers critical location data, consent management, compliance services, and device profiling. It provides the easiest to use and most comprehensive multi-source location platform for local, hyper-local and context-aware application development. Their enterprise mobility platform offers core location technologies that span indoor and outdoor use for any connected device, platform, or network. LocationSmart serves businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, delivering the widest reach and largest global footprint among geolocation services. 

LocationSmart's 25-year history as a service provider in the wireless industry has included numerous successes, including:

  • Developed first of its kind network-based E911 location system (1997)

  • Deployed the first nationwide terrestrial Location Network (1998)

  • Launched the Enterprise Mobile Resource Management Solution, the first-of its kind commercial system to utilize GPS and wireless data for fleet management (1999)

  • Deployed the first nationwide Phase II E911 Location System (2001-2002)

  • Delivered LocationAssurance Manager (LAM) to US and Canadian carriers, allowing them to monitor the quality of their E911 location networks nationwide (2003-2010)

  • Recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Los Angeles by professional services consultant Deloitte & Touche in the firm's annual Technology Fast 50 program (2003-2007)

  • Demonstrated first of its kind direct short-range communication system and launched its Mobility Solutions Group, focused on advancing DSRC for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications (2005-2006)

  • Supported Canadian carriers in the nationwide launch of E911 location services (2009-2010)

  • Launched its LaaS platform (2010) - later rebranded as LocationSmart

  • Expanded its LaaS offerings to Canada, enabling network-based services and consent-based access for the first time to over 90 percent of Canada's mobile subscribers (2018)

Recognition and awards include:

  • Shortlisted for eGaming Review (EGR) B2B Awards in Mobile Services Provider and Fraud and Compliance Solutions categories for three consecutive years

  • Named a Finalist in The Call Center Week (CCW) Excellence Awards in the Workforce Optimization Provider of the Year category

  • Selected by CIO Review as Top Solution Provider for Contact Centers

  • Named Best Delivery Platform for Mobile at Mobile Excellence Awards

Today, with LocationSmart, enterprise application developers have the ability to optimize customer experience and secure critical online activities with access to global location and device profiling services via LocationSmart's comprehensive web services APIs. Implementing technologies such as Global Site ID (GSID) for cellular and Wi-Fi networks, IP geolocation as well as browser-based and mobile app-based location methods, any connected device type may be located, even those without access to GPS. LocationSmart can eliminate gaps in location reporting visibility, providing consistent monitoring and control over connected devices virtually anywhere with cellular or internet connectivity. Through its secure web services APIs, the platform enables rapid and cost-effective integration that brings an almost immediate return on investment.

LocationSmart provides complete SMS campaign management for businesses from short code lease through carrier approvals, complying with the industry's CTIA best practices for mobile messaging. This makes streamlined location-enabled messaging easier than ever before and ensures relevant, geo-targeted communications that reach subscribers when they are most likely to take action. 

In addition, LocationSmart Reporting provides rich insight into service performance. Users can monitor usage and performance, review accuracy, and analyze subscriptions through real-time, easily accessible metrics. Customers can view and analyze location data via dashboards, charts, and more, increasing productivity and insight while improving customer experience and satisfaction. Capabilities include:

  • Performance data monitoring

  • Trend analysis

  • Summary metrics and statistics by market area

  • Exporting data for specific internal analysis

As the first provider to launch location for mobile and iGaming in Nevada and Delaware, and as a licensed geolocation service provider in New Jersey, LocationSmart is also a leader in geolocation for iGaming. They offer a full-featured platform that emphasizes the integrity of location data, consent management, compliance services, and device profiling via a powerful set of web services APIs. LocationSmart grants app developers the ability to verify location metrics for users and networks. This is an essential factor in ensuring safe purchases and protecting higher risk mobile gaming transactions, such as betting that requires on-site device verification and presence detection. 

Gaming operators work with LocationSmart to configure rule-based geofences and zones that help maintain compliance with laws and regulations. After the zone is defined and the player grants permission for the app to access their location, the player's app can determine location and submit the latitude and longitude with the zone reference to the API, ensuring location compliance. Compliance checks can include IP geolocation, browser location, and a latitude/longitude location from any trusted source, allowing for maximum flexibility. With these services and privacy controls, LocationSmart helps game developers provide a better user experience for their target demographic improving brand affinity. LocationSmart's layered and robust approach to location verification makes it the number one source of device location verification for fraud prevention and gaming compliance.

Customers in the transportation industry rely on LocationSmart technology like its Global Site ID and multi-source location solutions to provide consistent location intelligence, ensuring secure and reliable transportation. This results in enhanced productivity, reduction of fuel, labor and insurance costs, minimized potential for theft, eliminated operational and service-related expenses, and a consistent level of service throughout the supply chain lifecycle. For shipments containing critical content such as lab samples, important documents, and sensitive equipment, strict monitoring is required. LocationSmart's GSID technology used in combination with GPS provides optimum device insights and reliable monitoring for these essential shipments. With LocationSmart, transportation customers have a multi-layered solution that ensures their clients receive the efficiency and security they expect.

One manager at a global transportation leader that uses LocationSmart said, "Our integration was seamless and one of the easiest I've had to do. [LocationSmart's] solutions are up-to-date and provide highly accurate location details and excellent customer service. We truly appreciate their commitment to our success." Another customer explained, "LocationSmart's GSID helps us provide location regardless of the conditions to which our device is exposed, thereby preserving our service quality even in the harshest of environments."

Device location and identity verification insights also support content owners and distributors in digital rights management. They are able to more easily manage and monitor streaming and digital content distribution, ensuring compliance with licenses and regulations and verifying that digital programming is accessed exclusively in permitted areas. 

With such a wide-ranging portfolio of services, LocationSmart has differentiated itself from other LaaS providers. Geolocation data trends continue to become increasingly important to business strategy, and LocationSmart continues to find solutions as an innovative leader in this vital global industry. For these reasons, LocationSmart has been recognized in the LBS industry for their excellence in supporting mission-critical enterprise needs through industry-leading innovations. Their unparalleled dedication to helping customers safeguard personal location information and the safety and security of their systems and users is both unique and award-winning. LocationSmart offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly privacy controls and security features for application developers and platform operators. 

LocationSmart insists on the highest levels of privacy protections. Customers and their users have a variety of privacy controls to manage access to location information. For example, customers that access end-user location information must maintain explicit consent policies, and their users may decline sharing this information at any time. If previously granted, users may revoke sharing their location information at any time. The company's privacy controls deliver:

  • Comprehensive and secure opt-in, opt out controls

  • Support for on demand, subscription and account holder use

  • Compliance with industry best practices 

  • Streamlined opt-in for location and messaging

  • Flexible consent options - SMS, IVR and Web

  • Consent for corporate liable devices

  • Periodic reminders for ongoing programs

Giving end users control of their location information limits liabilities for LocationSmart customers. When end users know why and how their location information will be used, they feel more comfortable with the information they provide and the transactions they complete. Transparency also deters potential fraudsters. 

The company's 25-year track record of success is a testament to LocationSmart's commitment to providing high-quality, innovative services that continuously evolve with changing trends and best practices. As a global leader in location services, LocationSmart continues to meet critical location needs for businesses around the world.