Increase Customer Satisfaction with Proximity Services

Increase Relevance, Send Contextual Reminders and Timely Alerts

Text to Find Travel/Hotel Alerts

Text to Find

  • Allow opted-in subscribers to easily find your business or its nearest location
  • Minimize friction for customers to locate your business
  • Enhance discoverability for new brick-and-mortar locations

Through the LocationSmart platform, customers are able to locate your business or the nearest brick-and-mortar location via short message service (SMS) or text messaging. To accomplish this, businesses create dedicated numbers with which customers can interact to receive the location of your closest brick-and-mortar store. Once communication is initiated by the customer, they are asked to approve that their mobile device is allowed to be located. After receiving approval, LocationSmart identifies the customer's location and provides the customer with the closest address of your business based on their proximity to it.

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Travel/Hotel Alerts

  • Know when guests will arrive and monitor dwell time to trigger engagement actions
  • Present local, relevant and timely offers
  • Provide personalized service and foster repeat stays
  • Enhance customer loyalty and create ambassadors for your brand

With the LocationSmart's layered location intelligence, businesses involved in the hospitality industry are able to enhance customer service by providing highly personalized experiences.

After a customer opts into receive communications, the business can be alerted to their arrival and initiate different actions catered to that specific guest. For example, a hotel may take steps to ensure rooms are prepared and staff schedules are adjusted to accommodate the flow of guests.

Additionally, businesses are able to send notifications to customers about promotions or events hosted onsite or locally by partners of the business. Location data is an excellent tool that can be used to convert customers into ambassadors of your business.

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