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Track Independent Drivers and ETAs with LocationSmart

Enhance your dispatch and roadside assistance services with on- demand, cross-carrier location intelligence. There are no in-vehicle hardware costs and the services work on virtually any phone across all major wireless carriers. LocationSmart®'s workforce solution is providing rapid return on investment with streamlined dispatch and significant operational workflow improvements.

LocationSmart enables knowledge of driver location and two- way communication through a commercial-grade, high-availability platform. The enterprise platform, accessed via a unified application programming interface (API), allows developers to quickly add location intelligence to core or mission-critical business applications.

Easy to implement through a unified web services API, LocationSmart simplifies deployment of core and mission critical applications. There is no handset application required and device location works with virtually any mobile device.

Instant Fleet Management Insights

  • Confirm the whereabouts of independent owner-operators without the distraction of check calls. There is no need to involve any special equipment, driver location can be determined from the driver’s existing device.
  • Monitor if drivers will make their delivery time frames. Communicate directly with driver carrying the load for real-time status.
  • Free up broker time from making check calls at all hours of the day with automated location intelligence. This allows brokers to focus on obtaining more business.

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

  • Gain visibility and insight into independent driver activities, capture location and status, and increase job throughput with minimal integration and deployment overhead.
  • Optimize time on the road and improve driver productivity
  • Monitor driver status in real-time
  • Increase job and delivery throughput and improve cost controls
  • Improve customer loyalty and service level with on-demand visibility into all drivers’ whereabouts
  • Provide audit trails for dispute resolution and compliance
  • Eliminate unnecessary stops with real-time communications
  • Communicate, alert and acknowledge load assignments
  • Offer drivers ability to find loads more easily based on their current location
  • Present drivers with local incentives, deals and promotions to show higher commitment and encourage repeat business

Features of LocationSmart's Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Existing logistics systems will recognize these benefits with simple integration with comprehensive, RESTful APIs. No vehicle-mounted hardware is necessary and requires no driver interaction once activated.

  • Cross-carrier access to mobile and landline user data
  • Device location both in-call and out-of-call with no handset application required
  • ETA shows drive time, drive distance and distance from current position to destination
  • Two-way messaging for geo-targeted communications
  • Privacy controls for your users of on-demand and subscription services
  • Communicate via SMS or IVR/dispatcher
  • Mapping, geo-coding, reverse geo-coding, and directions
  • Points of interest and value-added business data
  • High-availability service with 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart enables brokers and carriers to leverage drivers existing mobile devices for constant knowledge of their location regardless of whether they are an employee or independent driver. This provides a huge advantage to monitor all driver activities and loads.

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LocationSmart helps businesses locate connected devices, anywhere in the world.