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Achieve Measurable ROI and More for Roadside Assistance and Dispatch Services

Enhance your roadside assistance and dispatch services with cross-carrier location intelligence and real-time messaging. The cloud-based services work with your existing call flow and IVR and allow you to locate virtually any phone across all major wireless carriers. No longer send service providers to the wrong location and assist members in record time. The LocationSmart® solution provides a rapid return on investment with streamlined dispatch and significant operational workflow improvements.

The visibility and insight realized through the deployment of LocationSmart translate to measurable results for the Roadside Assistance industry.

LocationSmart enables knowledge of driver location and two-way communication through a commercial-grade, high-availability platform. The enterprise platform, accessed via a unified application programming interface (API), allows developers to quickly add location intelligence and messaging to core or mission-critical business applications.

Enhance Service

  • Save time locating callers to quickly increase customer satisfaction. Immediately determine a member’s disablement location to dispatch service promptly.
  • Eliminate the need to request address or other important service-related location details. Provide superior service quickly and efficiently to stranded members without the need for them to know their precise location.
  • Reduce dispatches to wrong locations. Save time and cost by auto-detecting caller location and efficiently deliver service. Notify users when help will arrive.

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Gain immediate access to locate virtually all callers, mobile and landline, with minimal integration and deployment. There is no device application required ensuring pervasive reach to both callers and independent service providers.

  • Obtain phone location so caller doesn’t need to describe their location
  • Streamline dispatch process
  • Minimize call time and abandonment rate
  • Provide direct contact with third-party service providers
  • Improve member loyalty with event-based ETAs
  • Enable operational efficiencies and optimized call flow
  • Reduce anxiety of callers in distressed situations with immediate knowledge of where they are
  • Communicate, obtain status and confirm work orders
  • Convenient service for auto club members

Features of LocationSmart's Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

The roadside services industry is embracing LocationSmart’s comprehensive suite of services with reach to over 400 million devices to achieve increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs. The enterprise location platform delivers:

  • Cross-carrier access to mobile and landline devices
  • Device location both in-call and out-of-call with no handset application required
  • Privacy controls for your users of on-demand and subscription services
  • Multi-modal methods to communicate with members and service providers SMS and IVR
  • Mapping, geo-coding and reverse geo-coding services
  • Points of interest and value-added business data
  • High-availability system and 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart, deployed by the leading roadside service providers, simplifies the process to accurately locate and effectively communicate with stranded motorists. Automated location determination provides superior service in optimum time for unparalleled member satisfaction.

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LocationSmart helps businesses locate connected devices, anywhere in the world.