OnAsset Intelligence Inc. Case Study

Global Site Identification (GSID) for Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

The Challenge

OnAsset Intelligence Inc. is a leading manufacturer of wireless asset location tracking devices that utilize global positioning system (GPS) technology to monitor all modes of transit including land, sea and air. Real-time asset tracking and shipment protection are crucial in an age where the convergence of machines, data and analytics have become a more than $200 billion global industry. Reporting reliable time-sensitive updates to customers around the world is a core business function for OnAsset to ensure shipments arrive on time.

GPS is a radio navigation based technology that is the industry standard for tracking and logistics because it determines location, time and velocity anywhere in the world. OnAsset developed innovative GPS solutions for its wireless devices but there are unique situations in which accurate GPS data is not available. The signal can be unreliable during serious weather events or blocked when physical obstructions interfere with the signal’s pathway. Packages can be stored deep within buildings and metal cargo containers on trucks or ships.

OnAsset needed to find a GPS-agnostic option that delivered reliable location tracking information regardless of the environment or situation. Preserving service quality for customers was a key differentiator for its business.

The Solution

OnAsset selected LocationSmart’s universal cross-carrier Global Site Identification (GSID) device tracking solution for its reliability and multi-source service that offers maximum coverage. GSID location tracking delivers global service to more than 200 countries for any GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA, WCDMA (UMTS) or LTE enabled device. It can provide location intelligence when devices are roaming and acts as a backup for devices requiring assistance data for first fix GPS location information.

GSID is ideal for machine-to-machine communications and serves as a trusted resource when GPS signals are unreliable or blocked. LocationSmart’s GSID solution provides real-time device intelligence utilizing Wi-Fi or Cell-ID information that can report distinct network attributes. As a result, OnAsset is able to continue streamlined communications with customers and its internal team. With GSID, OnAsset can deliver a consistent level of service for customers, vendors and partners around the world.

The Results

OnAsset is able to provide reliable location intelligence to customers throughout the transit lifecycle from a shipment’s departure to its arrival. LocationSmart’s network location and GSID technology help OnAsset preserve its quality of service, enhance internal workflows and develop long-term relationships with customers, partners and vendors.

Specific Results

  • Reliable location data for tracking assets without need for GPS or Wi-Fi technologies
  • Reduction of fuel labor and insurance costs improved productivity
  • Enhanced workforce effectiveness and productivity
  • Minimized the potential for theft

“LocationSmart’s GSID helps us provide location regardless of the conditions to which our device is exposed, thereby preserving our service quality even in the harshest of environments.”
— Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

GSID Technology Advantage

  • Find devices when GPS signals blocked or unavailable
  • Improved security and protection for shipments
  • Fast response times, high yield and high availability
  • Enable GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi only devices
  • Determine location when roaming domestically or internationally
  • Obtain Cell-ID and Wi-Fi level accuracy
  • Single Event/Infrequent Updates
  • Works for any connected device that can report serving network attributes
  • Integrate quickly via RESTful cloud-based APIs
  • Leverage data for more than 120 million cell sites and 1.5 billion access points
  • Non-spoofable technology

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