mobileStorm Inc. - Customer Engagement Case Study

Customer Engagement Optimized by Mobile Network Location

The Challenge

mobileStorm Inc. is a mobile communications and email marketing company with a cloud-based Mobile Experience Management (MXM) platform that enables customers to develop, send and analyze multi-channel campaigns via email, SMS, push and in-app messaging. The company works with customers to create interactive messaging workflows that deliver catered communications to specific audiences when they are most receptive. Mobile device adoption continues to grow exponentially so the environment for businesses involved in mobile messaging is extremely competitive. Cisco estimates that mobile phone users will reach 5.5 billion by 2021 and this will be approximately 70 percent of the world’s population at that time.

In its ongoing efforts to innovate, mobileStorm began working with businesses involved in casinos and gaming as these industries have openly embraced mobile technologies. These casino and gaming industry customers were interested in a solution that delivered timely entertainment offers and specials to patrons via text messages. The messages also needed to target patrons who were still within property boundaries or in certain areas nearby because this practice would encourage repeat business.

mobileStorm was able to deliver the messages to their patrons, but there was not a clear path forward without first pinpointing their location. In this scenario, location context was critical to ensuring the patrons received the right message at the right time.

The Solution

mobileStorm chose LocationSmart’s cross-carrier network location service for its expansive reach, secure carrier connections and real-time reporting capabilities. This service is available via LocationSmart’s cloud-based platform, which provides comprehensive location, messaging, geofencing and consent management services. It also provides coverage for 95 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers due to LocationSmart’s strong relationships with wireless carriers.

mobileStorm utilizes carrier network location services to obtain lat/long coordinates for mobile devices opted into receive timely offers. This allows mobileStorm customers to pinpoint user location and use this data to test, measure and optimize message scheduling so recipients receive communications when they are most likely to act. Integrating LocationSmart’s services enabled mobileStorm’s casino clients to send easily redeemable targeted offers to players who were on or near their casino or were on a competitor’s property.

mobileStorm also realized immediate value during implementation as a result of LocationSmart’s cloud-based platform. It requires no software installation and boasts industry-leading privacy with un-spoofable location. This privacy element is critical for casino/gaming customers that abide by compliance rules, state regulations and oversight entities.

The Results

mobileStorm expanded the capabilities of its Mobile Experience Management (MXM) platform by adding location intelligence. This additional layer of location data enabled mobileStorm to provide a clearer picture of user behavior and the new insights allowed the company to deliver enhanced targeting, measurement and reporting options for customers’ mobile communications campaigns. With technical guidance from LocationSmart to make asyncronous requests, mobileStorm was also able to optimize campaign delivery. Additionally, after implementing LocationSmart’s cross-carrier network location service, mobileStorm’s casino and gaming customers reported higher end-user satisfaction and significantly lower opt-out rates. mobileStorm plans to increase its usage of location data for evaluating end customer behavior across new use cases in the casino and gaming industries.

Specific Results Include:

  • Campaign deliveries for 3,000 users or more once took 2-3 hours and now take 5-10 minutes
  • Opt-out rates have dropped by approximately 72 percent per campaign
  • Quick integration enabled speedy deployment for mobileStorm customers
LocationSmart’s implementation process was very straight-forward with its RESTful APIs and the customer success team was extremely responsive and helpful throughout.”
- Ojas Amin, Vice President of Product & Technology, mobileStorm

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Direct Benefits for mobileStorm

  • Higher end-user engagement and satisfaction with offers
  • Ability to acquire lat/long of any opted-in mobile user anytime
  • Drastic decreases in opt-out rates
  • Optimizes campaign delivery process

LocationSmart Technology and Utility

  • Obtains real-time accurate latitudinal and longitudinal intelligence
  • Cloud-based app agnostic solution
  • Integrates quickly via cloud-based APIs
  • Indoor and outdoor data
  • Geofencing, proximity and SMS capabilities

LocationSmart Privacy and Security

  • Cloud-based technology
  • Non-spoofable location
  • Opt-in / opt-out management

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