KORE Case Study

Improving Device Insights with Global Site ID and Carrier Location

The Challenge

KORE is the largest Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider of global machine-to-machine network connectivity executed by its GSM, CDMA and satellite data services. It offers connectivity to the telematics and telemetry industries, providing programs such as vehicle location, utility metering, payment processing, landfill monitoring, asset management, offender tracking, home security and environmental monitoring.

As technology evolves the demands of customers change accordingly and KORE customers began requesting processes to instantly locate their IoT assets. This presented several challenges because a significant number of customers utilize older tracking units without GPS-embedded chips and some newer, cost-efficient tracking models are not GPS-enabled. Additionally, many of KORE’s more than 500,000 specialized tracking devices cannot be located via GPS or Wi-Fi technologies. If instant IoT asset location was available to KORE customers, they would save tens of millions of dollars each year in operating and service costs.

The Solution

KORE selected LocationSmart as its exclusive launch partner to deliver the instant asset location intelligence requested by its customers. KORE utilizes LocationSmart’s Global Site Identification (GSID) and mobile network location API to bridge the technological gaps needed to locate any wireless device. After the two technologies were integrated into KORE’s product suite, they were rebranded as KORE LOCATE and this created the M2M industry’s first multinetwork, location-based tracking service. With KORE LOCATE, customers are able to track IoT connected assets via the company’s customer-facing platform, PRiSMPro.

With the GSID solution from LocationSmart, KORE has access to a variety of location resources that are ideal for M2M and IoT industries. KORE is now able to locate any device utilizing GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA, WCDMA (UMTS) or LTE. The GSID solution also locates devices while roaming and provides coverage for more than 200 countries.

LocationSmart’s mobile network location service enables KORE to locate any connected device on the carrier networks. These two location technologies help KORE deliver consistent results and customers receive peace of mind knowing where their assets are at all times.

The Results

Through its use of LocationSmart’s GSID and mobile network location services, KORE is able to offer its customers a low-cost, instant location solution for every KORE device. Any device is locatable and this includes non-GPS enabled devices. The two technologies are 100 percent cloud-based so this streamlined the integration because no device modifications or software updates were required. With KORE’s LocationSmart enabled service, customers receive trusted location intelligence and this helps eliminate additional operations and service-related expenses.

“LocationSmart empowers our ASP partners with a value-added location-based service to drive revenue generation and product differentiation. With no start-up costs related to infrastructure, hardware or software, and the industry’s only on-demand pricing model, LocationSmart is once again setting the standard for M2M network functionality.”
— Alex Brisbourne, President & COO, KORE

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

LocationSmart Global Site Identification (GSID) Advantages

  • Global Location Service
  • Enables any GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA, WCDMA (UMTS) or LTE device
  • Locates devices while roaming
  • Cell Sites Covered - 120 million
  • Wi-Fi Access Points Covered - 1.5 billion
  • 200+ Countries

LocationSmart Mobile Network Location Advantages

  • Locates any connected device
  • Cloud-based, non-spoofable location technology
  • Opt-in and opt-out technology to ensure transparency and privacy
  • Integrates quickly via cloud-based APIs
  • Provides indoor and outdoor data
  • No app or software to download

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