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Precise Location for Relevant Engagement

LocationSmart®’s hybrid Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform enables application developers to determine mobile location, interact with relevant users or devices, and harvest context-rich location data for analytics. Our innovative multi-source location platform pulls location from both secure carrier networks and devices to ensure the best possible location accuracy whether indoors or out. We provide global reach for precise proximity detection and real-time location-based interactivity. A cross-platform mobile device agent or SDK and cloud-based APIs allow easy integration into new or existing mobile applications.

LocationSmart hybrid location services platform provide scalables solutions for mobile app developers to achieve maximum consumer engagement with minimal device impact. We deliver device location, geofencing, event triggers and actions as well as the messaging and privacy- related APIs that feed applications. This provides the intelligence required for streamlined operations, improved customer satisfaction, transaction verification, workforce compliance and brand-level local engagements. Using our intelligent interactivity services provides companies new and relevant ways to engage with consumers when they are most likely to act.

Become Context Aware

  • Engage based on proximity. Establish geofences, zones, and triggers for targeted and tailored communications.
  • Cloud-based location offloads heavy processing to manage device battery for the ultimate user experience while obtaining continuous and best-known device location.
  • Registered mobile devices leverage Wi-Fi, GPS and Cell ID location to report location details consistently through the cloud.
  • Achieve faster and easier cross-platform development for location-based mobile applications. Mine rich analytics for smarter logic.

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Whether verifying location or enabling context-aware communications, LocationSmart delivers device location intelligence to enable enterprises with new opportunities and smart business logic.

  • Access best available device location and presence details (Wi-Fi, GPS, Cell ID)
  • Obtain continuous location; as frequently as is required
  • Be notified or send automated targeted messages when a device is near a specified Wi-Fi access point
  • Influence consumer and mobile user behavior with promotions and context-aware communications
  • Send real-time messages in-app or via text
  • Define geofence zones, events and actions for efficient targeting
  • Leverage and mine historical data and analytics to identify patterns
  • Secure, non-spoofable network location for audits and compliance
  • Manage user consent with comprehensive privacy controls

Features of Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Simple integration to LocationSmart Hybrid Services is achieved through comprehensive, RESTful APIs and a cross-platform mobile app SDK.

  • Continuous best-known location for the device, even when roaming
  • Ability to determine presence with Wi-Fi and indoor location insight
  • Global coverage
  • Cross-platform mobile app development SDKs (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone)
  • Battery management SDK hooks and APIs for maximum insight and control
  • Two-way SMS and in-app messaging for geo- targeted communications
  • Extensible to the cloud; offloads heavy processing
  • Establish geofence zones and proximity-based events
  • Auto-trigger actions with business logic
  • High-availability service with 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart enables smart business rules to be established that define events. Events may be: Enter, Exit, In, Out, Wi-Fi or Proximity to another device and can be set in relation to specific geofences stored in the system. When a device encounters an established event, Smart actions occur to send text messages, emails, in-app messages and notices to other systems.

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