Global Site ID (GSID) Collateral

Reach Connected Devices for Asset Tracking, IoT, M2M and More

LocationSmart® ’s Global Site ID (GSID) service delivers reliable geolocation information for machine-to-machine, Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded device applications. This capability is vital for businesses that require real-time tracking data for a variety of critical processes. The GSID service enables any GSM, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA or Wi-Fi device capable of reporting visible cell site or access point details to be located around the world, even while roaming. It also allows businesses to find assets when traditional GPS-based solutions cannot retrieve a device’s location.

Customers depend on LocationSmart to provide fast response times with a high yield. The GSID database is updated continuously for the best data quality and accuracy. Enterprises receive latitude and longitude coordinates along with an accuracy estimate for the location. We utilize multiple data sources and enable cellular and Wi-Fi location for any device that can report network attributes.

Our award-winning cloud-based location platform delivers GSID through a RESTful application program interface (API). Customers are able to locate more than 120 million Cell IDs and over 1.5 billion connected devices in over 200 countries.

Eliminate gaps in location reporting and always know where your devices are anytime they are connected.

GSID Insights

  • Find devices nearly anywhere in the world
  • Determine device location when roaming domestically and internationally
  • Get fast response times, high yield and high availability
  • Receive indoor and outdoor location intelligence for mobile devices when GPS is unavailable
  • Achieve Cell ID and Wi-Fi level accuracy
  • Integrate quickly via RESTful cloud-based APIs
  • Works for any device that can report its network-level attributes

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

LocationSmart’s GSID services work with any carrier network or Wi-Fi access point with which a device is communicating and where cell tower or access point information is available. It also allows businesses to find assets indoors when GPS solutions cannot get a fix. Our GSID services are trusted for fleet tracking, asset tracking, fleet GPS, transportation and/or logistics software and CRM needs.

With LocationSmart’s LocationSmart’s GSID services, your business is empowered to:

  • Enable GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi only devices
  • Get real-time location insights of assets
  • Realize operational savings through additional verification quality controls
  • Obtain complete visibility into whereabouts of all assets, even while roaming
  • Monitor any connected device that can report serving network attributes
  • Leverage data for over 120 million cell sites and 1.5 billion Wi-Fi access points worldwide
  • Gain access to a variety of refined search results by passing multiple data points, supplementary details and more via a single request

Features of LocationSmart's Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Simple integration to LocationSmart GSID services is achieved through comprehensive, RESTful APIs.

  • Delivers global real-time device location (lat/long and street address)
  • Cell Site location of GSM, CDMA, WCDMA and LTE devices
  • Wi-Fi location services
  • Device location while roaming
  • Provides mapping, geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • One API, one contract and one access point for location intelligence
  • Integrates quickly via RESTful APIs
  • Cloud-based, secure location technology
  • High-availability services and 24x7x365 support

Global Coverage

LocationSmart’s GSID service provides the most complete and actionable location data to help enterprises thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Access global location in over 200 countries and receive extensive reach that provides total coverage for all connected devices. With LocationSmart, businesses can quickly monitor and manage the location of all assets, fleets and more.

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