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Verify Location for Transaction Fraud Prevention

LocationSmart® provides the trusted mobile device location verification, presence detection and identity verification that optimizes your financial services security. Use reliable wireless carrier location technology to assist with transaction verification and fraud prevention. Improve customer satisfaction and fraud prevention logic by using location insight as another critical factor to assess fraud risk level. The ability to detect whether a user’s mobile device is in the vicinity of a transaction makes the LocationSmart Platform ideal for in-store transactions, post-transaction review, online purchases, ATM activity, loan applications, and money transfers.comprehensive location, messaging and privacy controls. Using LocationSmart’s cloud-based, high availability web services platform, businesses can quickly deploy pervasive location-smart programs.

With 16.7 million victims of fraud last year alone, credit and debit card fraud is the biggest fear of Americans. LocationSmart provides the means to verify that a consumer’s mobile device is at the same location where a transaction is taking place. Using multi-source and network-initiated location of the user’s device ensures trusted results. In the event that an account is already compromised, using secure location data for post-transaction review provides cost savings and increases processing accuracy.

LocationSmart Platform for Secure Transaction Authentication

  • Keep customers happy with lower disruption of card services.
  • Increase consumer confidence that their accounts are being safeguarded with enhanced fraud prevention measures.
  • Compare merchant location with phone location for post-transaction review and analysis.
  • Minimize the incidence of declined authorizations due to false positives. 
  • Verify that the mobile location and the transaction location are in proximity prior to authorization. Enable rapid transaction confirmation or denial.

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Whether detecting mobile location for CNP transaction verification or reviewing suspect fraudulent cases, LocationSmart enhances financial services security measures and increases consumer confidence.

  • Reduce transaction and credit card fraud
  • Detect whether a user’s mobile device is in the vicinity of a transaction
  • Provide real-time and historical data analytics to feed transaction risk model
  • Establish Smart Zones around consumer's home areas and receive real-time alerts when they are legitimately traveling
  • Enable rapid transaction confirmation, denial and escalation
  • Diminish false positive fraud review
  • Enhance existing fraud prevention methods with additional levels of security
  • Reassure members that you are taking proactive measures to best safeguard their identity and transactions
  • Communicate suspicious activities via SMS or IVR for real-time intervention

Features of LocationSmart's Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Put LocationSmart to work for your business and recognize the benefits of integrating location intelligence into your financial services.

  • Secure cross-carrier access to mobile and landline device location
  • Smart ZoneTM triggers to determine if devices are in, out or at a specified area
  • Presence detection for indoor location
  • Establish events, triggers and alerts
  • Two-way messaging for geo-targeted communications
  • Comprehensive multi-modal privacy controls via SMS or IVR
  • Mapping, geo-coding and reverse geo-coding
  • Points of interest and value-added business data
  • Onboarding and carrier certification
  • High-availability system and 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart helps financial companies, merchants and intermediaries provide superior fraud management and transaction verification to enhance customer confidence and satisfaction. Assisting financial service companies with multi-factor location transaction authorization helps banks and merchants save significant time and money.

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