FedEx - Combining Wireless Carrier Location Technology and Global Site ID for Logistics Success

The Challenge

FedEx Corporation is a globally recognized leader in transportation, e-commerce and business services with more than 300,000 team members worldwide. SenseAware® is a service offered to customers seeking enhanced visibility during shipping so they are able to closely monitor the supply chain lifecycle. It features multi-sensor devices with advanced wireless communications software systems to collect and report real-time GPS and sensor-based logistics data from assets located within packages, trailers, pallets and warehouses. With this level of intelligence, FedEx SenseAware customers are able to heighten security, improve efficiency and productivity.

As a radio navigation based technology, GPS is a standard industry tool for logistics and tracking but it has certain limitations. GPS is not always available as its signal can be blocked when packages are stored deep within buildings or when physical elements obstruct a signal’s pathway. FedEx SenseAware needed to identify a solution that delivered accurate and real-time tracking information to supplement its GPS-based technology. This was vital to guarantee the high-quality service and tracking data promised to its customers.

The Solution

FedEx SenseAware selected LocationSmart, an industry leader in Location-as-a-Service and location monitoring for the Internet of Things (IoT). LocationSmart’s Global Site ID (GSID) and cross-carrier mobile network location solutions to provide location intelligence when GPS is unavailable.

With GSID, FedEx SenseAware greatly expanded the total number of devices it is able to locate and the global reach of its tracking grew exponentially. This location technology is a global service covering more than 200 countries and it functions seamlessly even when devices are roaming. GSID allows FedEx SenseAware to locate any device utilizing Wi-Fi, CDMA, GSM, WCDMA (UMTS) or LTE.

The wireless carrier network location from LocationSmart enables FedEx to locate any mobile device when connected to the carrier network. As a cloud-based application program interface (API), mobile network location does not require software or applications to be downloaded before use. It provides secure data with minimal drag on device performance. FedEx attempts location tracking with mobile network location first and if location is unavailable, it automatically falls back to Global Site ID for optimum device insights.

The Results

With LocationSmart’s GSID and wireless carrier location technology, FedEx SenseAware has a multi-layered solution to ensure its customers receive reliable location intelligence when GPS data is unavailable. This combination of location technologies allows FedEx SenseAware to provide a consistent level of service throughout the supply chain lifecycle and it can also help eliminate operational or service-related expenses.

“Our integration was seamless and one of the easiest I’ve had to do. LocationSmart’s solutions are up-to-date and provide highly accurate location details and excellent customer service. We truly appreciate their commitment to our success.”
— Chris Swearingen, Marketing Manager for SenseAware

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

LocationSmart Global Site Identification (GSID) Advantages

  • Multi-source service for maximum coverage
  • Enables any GSM, Wi-Fi, CDMA, WCDMA (UMTS) or LTE device Locates devices while roaming
  • Global Location Service
  • Provides 120 million cell sites worldwide
  • Coverage of over 1.5 billion Wi-Fi access points
  • 200+ Countries

LocationSmart Wireless Carrier Location Technology Advantages

  • Provides access to device SIMs on the carrier networks
  • Cloud-based, secure location technology
  • Integrates quickly via cloud-based APIs
  • Provides indoor and outdoor data
  • No app or software to download

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