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Using Location-based Call Routing to Streamline Operations and Increase Efficiencies

Improve the quality of service, automate call routing and help callers find the nearest with LocationSmart®. The Platform enables nationwide cross-carrier reach to virtually any device with comprehensive location, messaging and privacy controls. Using LocationSmart’s cloud-based, high availability Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform, businesses can quickly deploy pervasive location-smart programs.

LocationSmart's location-based call routing enables call centers with automated nationwide caller location resulting in cost savings, operational efficiencies and enhanced customer service. Reduce costly mistakes and operator time by optimizing calls with instant and automated caller location insight. Effectively route calls from central numbers to the nearest service point and determine whether the call is mobile or landline, to offer targeted services. For example, mobile callers may benefit from a follow-on SMS with details regarding their call inquiry delivered through LocationSmart’s comprehensive location and messaging platform. Eliminate the time and human error in obtaining the caller’s whereabouts to realize operator cost savings and improve customer satisfaction.

Caller Location Matters

  • Save time locating callers to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction. Immediately route call to where it will be handled. Eliminate the need to request important service-related location details.
  • Automate store locator services and eliminate the need to ask for ZIP Code when looking to find the nearest. Capture market area and correlate call responses to their location. Aggregate marketing response data based on caller location.
  • Reduce dispatches to wrong locations. Save time and cost by auto-detecting caller location and efficiently deliver details to the service provider. Notify users when help will arrive.

Real-Time Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Whether providing service response, call routing or post-call analytics and follow-up, LocationSmart's LaaS platform improves the bottom line of call center operations and increases customer loyalty.

  • Reduce the cost of operator time by automating location determination
  • Reduce human error by removing the need for operator to manually input the address
  • Route calls to the appropriate regional call center to optimize operations and workflow
  • Communicate and post-call follow-up with real-time alerts
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing the call duration and minimizing abandonment rates
  • Obtain phone location when caller doesn’t know their location
  • Integrate and deploy quickly and easily to optimize existing call flow

Features of LocationSmart's Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Put LocationSmart to work for your business and recognize the benefits of integrating location intelligence into your call flow.

  • Cross-carrier access to mobile and landline devices
  • Device location both in-call and out-of-call
  • Two-way messaging for geo-targeted communications
  • Privacy controls for on-demand, subscriptions and account holder services
  • Multi-modal privacy controls via SMS or IVR
  • Mapping, geolocation, geo-coding and reverse geo-coding
  • Points of interest and value-added business data
  • Onboarding and carrier certification services
  • High-availability system and 24x7x365 support


LocationSmart enables CRM companies with real-time caller intelligence to assist with the goal of providing an exceptional caller experience. The service is easy to integrate via cloud-based RESTful APIs and requires only the consent of the caller. There is no mobile device application required, making this an ideal solution for call centers.

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