CG Technology - Geofencing and Gaming Compliance Case Study

Location Compliance for Online Mobile Wagering

The Challenge

CG Technology (CG) is an innovative gaming technology solutions provider that pioneered mobile application technologies for gaming, sports wagering and mobile casino betting in the state of Nevada. In the beginning, wagering on mobile devices was restricted to the boundaries of a casino resort’s property. Once users left the premises they were no longer able to use the gaming technology on their device and this presented a location verification challenge for all parties involved.

As mobile devices became more complex and secure the boundary restrictions were expanded and competition increased exponentially. Mobile gambling overall is expected to generate a turnover of $100 billion by 2017 and sports betting currently commands 70 percent of all activities.

With this surge in popularity, CG needed to find gaming compliance solutions that expanded the capabilities and reach of its platforms so they would function securely throughout the state of Nevada. For this to be permitted by Nevada’s regulation entities, CG would be required to confirm that any mobile device using its platforms was located within state lines. The winning option had to provide secure, instant location intelligence for any mobile device operating programs owned by CG.

The Solution

CG selected LocationSmart’s cloud-based network location for its broad reach, security and privacy protection capabilities. The cross-carrier network location API reports lat/long coordinates for each mobile device operating CG’s application. With these insights, CG can ensure users are located within the allowed boundary or geofence to comply with regulatory authorities.

The API also includes SMS functionality for text messaging or in-app messages. Consent and permission management are the primary uses, but CG is also able to use SMS for promotional activities, updates and more.

LocationSmart’s location services cover 95 percent of U.S. subscribers as a result of its strong relationships with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular and other carriers. These relationships coupled with the API’s technology create a streamlined carrier submission and approval process.

The API requires no software installation for quick integration and it boasts industry-leading privacy with un-spoofable location. LocationSmart’s cross-carrier network location enabled CG to grow its business and secure its seat at the gaming industry table.

The Results

CG applications can be used anywhere in the state of Nevada and it is rapidly expanding into new global markets through mobile distribution channels made possible by LocationSmart.

It has licensed the mobile gaming, race book, sports pool systems and risk management consulting services to Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. CG is has licensed its sports pool systems and mobile apps to The Logrand Group in Mexico and the company is also entertaining opportunities in Macau, Australia and New Zealand.

“With LocationSmart’s geo-location services, CG Technology has expanded the availability of sports betting and is changing the way people wager, all within the gaming industry’s highly regulated environment.”
— Josh Hanson, Chief Information Officer, CG Technology

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Broad National & International Reach

  • Access to 400M subscribers nationwide
  • 95% US mobile location coverage
  • Longstanding relationships with wireless carriers
  • Delivers roaming and identity status internationally and domestically

Technology & Utility

  • Obtains real-time accurate location intelligence
  • Cloud-based app agnostic solution
  • Integrates quickly via cloud-based APIs
  • Indoor and outdoor data
  • Geofencing, proximity and SMS capabilities

Privacy & Security

  • Cloud-based technology
  • Non-spoofable location
  • Opt-in/opt-out management

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