Abaqus Inc. - Location Intelligence Case Study

Mobile Location Intelligence Optimizes Mobile Workforce Solutions

The Challenge

Abaqus Inc.TM provides mobile workforce management and optimization solutions for small, medium and enterprise customers via its myGeoTracking® platform for mobile devices. myGeoTracking features a tracking and management application, geo-tagged messaging application and proximity-based marketing offerings. Location-based data is at the core of Abaqus’ business and it needed a solution to supplement existing capabilities and seamlessly integrate into its platform. Its initial focus was to find an answer to tracking challenges for its clients in the transportation and logistics industries. The search evolved to address mobile workforce management requirements across multiple sectors, which offered growth opportunities and brought additional challenges.

Unique clients presented hurdles because a majority are in industries with third-party, contingent labor workforces – emergency responders, carrier drivers and owner-operators. Tight budgets and end-users with varying technical proficiencies eliminated telematics and a separate dedicated location-based app from consideration.

Specifically, Abaqus was searching for a cross-carrier location-tracking service operating with a pay-per-use model. It needed to be app agnostic, it had to work without any changes to end-user device plans and strong privacy was paramount. Abaqus was on a quest for a location-based solution with the same utility as a Swiss army knife.

The Solution

Abaqus selected LocationSmart’s cloud-based mobile network location and contextual hybrid location for the comprehensive list of supported carriers, technology roadmap and proven results within this space. The mobile network location API covers 95 percent of the U.S. and reaches over 400 million subscribers as a result of its relationships with wireless carriers. It reports accurate location results based on a device’s proximity to a carrier’s cell tower.

LocationSmart’s contextual hybrid location service is integrated into Abaqus’ myGeoTracking platform to provide GPS, Wi-Fi, Cell ID and iBeacon support. Available as a software development kit (SDK), the hybrid location option provides real-time and last known location using best possible location source available from the device. It can derive global indoor, outdoor and micro-location details for all smartphone devices to streamline business processes and reporting.

Abaqus utilizes these technologies to help customers optimize mobile team operations by improving productivity and creating payroll savings. Project management, logistics and supply chain activities are other elements that experienced elevated levels of efficiency once LocationSmart's location-based services were integrated with myGeoTracking.

The Results

Abaqus is able to provide accurate real-time location data to all of its customers regardless of size, industry, economic factors or technical know-how. LocationSmart’s mobile network location and hybrid location SDK helps Abaqus guarantee performance for its myGeoTracking platform, enhance existing relationships and expand the possibilities for future growth.

Specific Results

  • Increased savings and improved productivity
  • Abaqus customers project 5 percent in payroll savings and 5-7 percent in productivity gains
  • Enhanced location capabilities of myGeoTracking platform
  • Better quality record keeping
  • More efficient job dispatch communications with teams in the field
  • Scalable solution for future uses with just-in-time operations planning, compliance reporting
    and safety protocols
LocationSmart is a company run by entrepreneurs with solid telecom technology and business backgrounds. They have become a great source of information on all things related to carriers and devices. During our growth, the support from their SEs has been tremendous. I look forward to scaling our business with them.”
— Shailendra Jain, Founder and CEO

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Mobile Network Location

  • 95 percent of U.S. mobile location coverage
  • Longstanding relationships with wireless carriers
  • Delivers location results domestically and internationally
  • Cloud-based, secure location technology
  • Integrates quickly via cloud-based
  • APIs App-agnostic solution

Contextual Hybrid Location (SDK)

  • Faster and easier option for cross-platform mobile development
  • Provides real-time and last known location
  • Includes movement detection for improved battery management and user experience
  • Works within top mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows
  • Provides real-time geofencing, alerts and in-app messaging
  • Utilizes Wi-Fi, GPS, Cell ID and Platform iBeacon technologies

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