3Cinteractive Corp. Case Study

Mobile Network Location Powers Consumer Engagement

The Challenge

3Cinteractive Corp. (3C) offers mobile marketing solutions for consumer engagement through its SwitchbladeTM platform and suite of multi-channel capabilities that include SMS and MMS messaging, mobile coupons, mobile wallet, mobile web, location-based services. By 2023, there will be nearly 7.3 billion smartphone users globally and the margin for error in today's mobile marketplace is razor thin. Nowadays, Americans spend more than 4 hours per day on their mobile device and 3C understood that success today is measured by how much of that time is spent on an app or content produced by your business or your clients. 

3C identified location technology as the next multi-functional tool to help secure the longevity of its business. It was looking for location-based solutions that expanded the capabilities of its existing suite of products and 3C also wanted to enhance programs and use cases for its clients. The ability to identify the general location of a mobile device without requiring the installation of a separate application was another critical factor in this search process. 

An app agnostic solution helps maintain performance speed and it would eliminate another barrier to entry for 3C’s clients and the end consumer. For 3C to command the attention of mobile device users it would need to find a solution that delivered accuracy, speed, utility and extensibility.

The Solution

3C selected LocationSmart's cloud-based cross-carrier mobile network location for its broad reach, performance speed and versatility in implementation. This application program interface (API) from LocationSmart reports assisted GPS (AGPS), Cell-ID and Geographic Address intelligence from its extensive carrier network for mobile devices. 

LocationSmart's mobile network location covers 95 percent of the U.S. and reaches 400 million subscribers nationwide due to its longstanding relationships with wireless carriers. These relationships along with the API's technology result in a streamlined and efficient carrier submission and approval process. 

As an app agnostic technology, the API offers quick integration and functions seamlessly within existing programs and applications. It also provides industry-best privacy with un-spoofable location and multiple consent options including opt-in and opt-out management. LocationSmart's mobile network location enables 3C to enhance its product suite and empower its customers to run programs quicker and more effectively.

The Results 

3C expanded the capabilities of its mobile marketing product suite and its clients are also empowered to offer location-based solutions to the end consumer.

LocationSmart’s mobile network location enables 3C and its clients to gather new valuable insight around consumer behavior to better attract, engage and retain target audiences in the buying cycle. 

Specific Results

  • Added additional 5 percent lift to 3C clients’ revenue in 2015 with a continued upward trend 
  • Optimizes ROI with better, more accurate analytics for audience targeting, content delivery and A/B testing 
  • Streamlines carrier submission and approval process 
  • Minimizes impact on battery life of customer’s mobile device

"LocationSmart is a world class partner for Location Services. They are responsive, experienced, technically savvy, professional and they know the location space like no other provider.”
—​​​​​​ Ellen Roberson, Vice President Strategic Partnerships & Carrier Relationships at 3Cinteractive

The Benefits of Choosing LocationSmart

Broad National & International Reach

  • Access to 400 million subscribers nationwide
  • 95% U.S. mobile location coverage
  • Longstanding relationships with wireless carriers
  • Delivers roaming and identity status internationally and domestically

Technology & Utility

  • Obtains real-time accurate location intelligence
  • Cloud-based app agnostic solution
  • Integrates quickly via cloud-based APIs
  • Indoor and outdoor data
  • Geofencing, proximity and SMS capabilities

Privacy & Security

  • Cloud-based technology
  • Non-spoofable location
  • Opt-in/opt-out management

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